Mini KG

Mini KG class of our school is the first step to formal education. This is the initial period where the children spend few hours independently without their parents. This is the base for further education. Keeping in mind this aspect we organize our schedule and activities accordingly. In the Mini KG class we have many free play activities like stringing the beads, scribbling, clay modelling, paper crumpling, paper tearing, palm printing, finger printing etc. for developing fine motor skills. We also have out door free play, for their motor development. We also have monthly projects related to colours for introducing primary colours. To enjoy the school & create a liking for school is the main objective of this class.

Enquiry for admissions for Mini KG class should be done in the last week of November.
Age Criteria : 3 years completed by 31st July.

Junior KG

Junior KG class children are initially introduced Pre writing skills like pattern writing and writing on the slates with the help of slate chalks. Then they learn to write capital alphabets, small alphabets and numbers. They have many indoor activities like lacing, sequencing, puzzles and outdoor play like hurdle race, sieving and animal miming etc.

They also have monthly project like :

  • Things used to keep our body and surrounding clean.
  • Things of different colours and shapes.
  • Things which are of different taste.
  • Fruit salad preparation etc.

Senior KG

In our Senior KG class they are prepared for the Primary class. They are introduced to new words and they learn to make words with phonic sound. They also learn to make short sentences. They are introduced to addition and subtraction. They have various class projects according to the topics. example- Project on sense organs, colours and shapes, our helpers, sources of water etc.

Senior KG children have different sports activities like pyramid, parachute activity and activities using equipments. Besides academic our Pre-Primary children also enjoy cultural activities like Palkhi celebration, Guru Poornima, Deep Poojan, Shravani Mauj, Gokul Asthami celebration, Rakhi Poornima celebration, Independence day celebration, Ganesh Utsav, Bhondla celebration, Diwali celebration, childrens day, Sports day, Annual day, Republic Day celebration, Project day & Picnics. They also enjoy singing and Sanskrit shlokas period in the school. They are also exposed to various work experiences activities like Peas Peeling, Making Sandwiches, Grain sorting etc. Besides all the above activities, special efforts are taken on spoken English of our pupils. We end our academic year with fun activities and ice-cream party.