School education is all about doing ground work for the future. Adding value to education through value education helps students to know their culture and tradition well and for this purpose our school celebrates various festivals like Palkhi, RakshaBandhan, Dahi Handi, Diwali etc. We conduct various activities during the celebration of these festivals.

"All that starts well ends well " & so the start of the day is very special in our school. With the help of "assembly" we give our children a good platform to come together & get themselves acquainted to the various topics, importance of a particular day & give them a chance to overcome their stage fright.

Every month we conduct class competitions like poem recitation, speech competition, handwriting, elocution and many more. Due to these competitions children get an opportunity to show their talents. To enrich the language of students 'Special Spoken English' class is conducted twice a week for all the primary classes. Various activities and workshops are conducted by Sakal (NIE) group like flag painting, making paper bags, best out of waste etc. Every week, during " Fine Arts" period we conduct dance, music, sports and gymnastic classes for the primary section. During computer periods our students are working on laptops & the most remarkable feature of this computer period is that "each child is handling an individual laptop".

To face the challenges of the competitive world, students participate in various competitive exams like Scholarship exam, Olympiad exams, TMV exams and Homibhabha Science Exams. Students also participate in various interschool sport competitions. Besides these curricular activities our primary children also enjoy annual day, sports day, science day, bonfire, outings and picnics. To facilitate the smooth working & healthy relationship, counseling sessions are conducted for the students as well as for their parents. In this way by conducting various programmes and activities for all round development of the students we end our academic year with great satisfaction.

Our School Identity

Special sports events like Gymnastics, rope and pole mallakhamb, atheletics, silambam, cricket, taekwondo are held everyday in the morning.