Shri. Mahesh Athavale


An accomplished Company Secretary with an illustrious career spanning more than three decades.

Throughout journey, exhibited a strong commitment to the field and have consistently delivered exceptional results. Take pride in being the founder partner of the esteemed Kanj & Co. LLP, a trailblazing firm known for its innovative approach and dedication to excellence.

Skills & Expertise

Admin, Management & Law

Passion & Interstes

Music, Management

Shri. Mahesh Athavale, L.L.B., F.C.S., C.S

Member of Council & Governing Body & Trustee of The Deccan Education Society


Shri. Mahesh Athavale possesses an impressive educational and professional profile. He obtained his M.COM degree in 1982 and subsequently pursued LL.B., F.C.S from B.M.C.C, ILS Law College, and SYMBIOSIS, Pune University, respectively. In 1988, he earned the designation of COMPANY SECRETARY from the INSTITUTE OF COMPANY SECRETARIES OF INDIA.

His association with the Deccan Education Society has been long-standing, serving as a COUNCIL and Governing Body MEMBER since 2009. Additionally, he has been actively involved as a TRUSTEE in various religious and social organizations since 1995, exemplifying his commitment to community service.

Furthermore, Shri. Mahesh Athavale has contributed significantly as a TRUSTEE and PARTNER to organizations such as RADHA DAMODSAR PRATISTHAN, SHRI DASGANU MAHARAJ PRATISHTHAN, and KANJ & CO. LLP since 2000. His expertise lies in ADMINISTRATION, MANAGEMENT, and LAW.

Outside his professional endeavors, Shri. Mahesh Athavale nurtures a passion for MUSIC and MANAGEMENT. When it comes to contributing to the development of the Deccan Education Society, he expresses his willingness to assist in any manner expected, showcasing his dedication to the organization's growth and welfare.

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