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Welcome to Deccan Education Society

Welcome to Deccan Education Society, Pune

In the year 1880 the late Shri V. K. Chiplunkar with Lokmanya Tilak and M. B. Namjoshi started ‘New English School’ in Pune with the objective of ‘cheapening and facilitating education’. In course of time Shri V. S. Apte, (M. A.), Shri. G. G. Agarkar, (M. A.), Shri V. B. Kelkar, (B. A.), Shri M. S. Gole, (M. A.), and Shri. N. K. Dharap, (B. A.) joined them.

This was a revolutionary step because Government Institutions and Christian missionaries were the only agencies involved in educating the masses and the education provided failed to generate leadership for industrial regeneration of a self-governing nation. Private enterprises in education were discouraged. With the idea of providing education to rouse the intellect, drooping will and slumbering conscience of the fallen countrymen, Deccan Education Society came into existence.


Educational management fuses with a combine force of Academic discipline and Administrative professionals. Education managers look into many factors some include research, policy creation and improvement activities. In many ways it extends Management.


DES brings out different books and periodicals which include newsletter, research paper publications, journals and on a wide range of topics. All our publications maintain the highest standards of quality.


DES has established many schools in various towns and cities in the state of Maharashtra. The Society also manages the schools of some PSU companies. The Society now runs schools at all levels such as Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary.

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Our Colleges

Our Colleges focus on imparting career-oriented quality education with competitive and global perspective. Our colleges offer Graduate and Post-Graduate level courses and are affiliated to reputed Indian Universities and Boards.

Our Institutes

Our Institutes provide Higher Learning with the primary objective of imparting professional education to develop world class competencies in the field of Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Fine Arts, Communication and other disciplines.


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All our Schools, Colleges and Institutes provide instructional space with spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, library and information center, and much more is accommodated at the campus.

Recent Event

Program to handover Kerala Disaster Fund – 23.10.2018

The program was organized to handover Kerala Disaster Fund (Rs.12,00,000) raised by employees of Deccan Education Society to R.S.S. Jankalyan Samiti (Maharashtra Prant).

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Past Events

DES Foundation Day (24th October, 2018)
The Foundation Day of Deccan Education Society was celebrated on 24th October 2018 at Ahilyadevi High School, Shaniwar Peth, Pune.

Founder’s Day (9th August 2018)
The Founder’s Day of Deccan Education Society was organized on 9th August 2018.
In presence of Chief Guest Hon. Mrs. Indumati Katdare (Chancellor, Punarutthan Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad).

Shahu-Phule – Ambedkar Award (2015-16)
The DES was honored this Award by the Maharashtra Government for the contribution in educational sector.

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Quotes from Dignitaries

” Standing here today, I feel that history has been written in Poona- history of self-help, history of self-reliance, history of great and constructive national effort- that history has been written in Poona, has been written on this very spot. ”

C.V.Raman – India’s only Science Nobel Laureate

” Who will fail to be enthused over the noble record of the service rendered by the D. E. Society and the Fergusson College to the cause of education? ”

Mahatma Gandhi
National Leader

” The Fergusson College was established at a time when the attitude of the Indian masses towards higher education of the western type was yet in a formative stage and when facilities for such education for the generality of Indian students were inadequate… It was an enterprise, which benefited the Nation without offending or alienating the then rulers of India. Fergusson College is the foremost fruit of that effort. ”

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
India’s first President was the Chief Guest of the Platinum Jubilee function

” This college, born like a twin of the Indian National Congress, has always kept abreast of the country’s history. It has produced political leaders of all hues of the political spectrum including ultras and infras, if I may say so, administrators, eminent scholars, researchers, writers, sportsmen and many other categories of celebrities, which any country can be proud of. ”

PV Narasimharao
India’s 12th Prime Minister & Former Student

“ This college will even prove worthy in spirit of the auspices under which it now commences, and that in future days it will become not only a centre of intellectual energy , but also a home of sweetness and light. ”

Sir William Wedderburn
(Chairman – Society Council)

” हीच  ती प्रख्यात संस्था, जिने परंपरा आणि आधुनिकतेचा सुंदर मिलाफ घडवून आणून सुजाण नागरिक निर्माण करून देशात नवजागृती आणण्याच्या उदात्त  हेतूने  फर्ग्युसन  कॉलेजची स्थापना केली . ”

राष्ट्र्पती श्रीमती प्रतिभाताई पाटील

” फर्ग्युसन कॉलेज  हे भारताचे प्रतीक आहे. विसाव्या शतकात प्रवेश करणे म्हणजे भारतात नवीन शिक्षणपद्धती आणणे आहे. ”

पंतप्रधान राजीव गांधी ( प्रमुख  पाहुणे  – फर्ग्युसन कॉलेज  शताब्दी महोत्सव  २ जानेवारी १९८५)

” जेव्हा जेव्हा मी  या  ऐतिहासिक  संस्थेतून  – परिसरातून  फेरफटका  मारत असतो तेव्हा मी  साक्षात इतिहासातून   वावरत  असतो. ”

नामदार यशवंतराव चव्हाण (महाराष्ट्राचे पहिले मुख्यमंत्री )

” या  संस्थेच्या बाबतीत  असे आढळते  की , उत्साही, सक्षम , हुशार तरुणांनी  स्वावलंबन  आणि स्वायत्ततेच्या  उद्दिष्टांनी भारून  जाऊन जे शैक्षणिक  कार्य केले आहे आणि त्यासाठी प्रचंड कष्ट घेतले आहेत ते सर्व कार्य अक्षरशः बिनतोड आहे आणि संपूर्ण भारतात असे एकही उदाहरण मला आढळले नाही. या  संस्थेने सरकारकडून काहीही अनुदान  न घेता जे  यश मिळविले आहे, तसे यश भारतातील सरकारी शाळांना किंबहुना  जगातील इतर शाळांनाही मिळू शकले नाही. ”

८ सप्टेंबर , १८८२,  डॉ. डब्ल्यू. डब्ल्यू. हंटर (भारतीय शैक्षणिक  आयोगाचे अध्यक्ष )

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DES is recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence. The students graduating from the institute are of the highest caliber, who have reached positions of eminence in industry, business, public sector, academic and research institutions or as entrepreneurs.

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DES is well-known for its policy of imparting ‘high-quality education at affordable costs’ . That the DES has eminently succeeded in achieving the twin objective of ‘high quality education of sound intrinsic value at moderate cost’ is evident from the reputation of several of its institutions.


Applications are invited for the post of Regular Faculty on Contractual Basis in D. E. Society’s Institute of Management Development and Research (IMDR), Pune, on purely temporary basis for the period from 01.01.2021 to 30.06.2021 New !

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Online Application for the Post of ‘Director’ at DES Chintamanrao Institute of Management Development and Research, Sangli.

Starting Date : 28th September, 2020.
Last Date of Application : 12th October, 2020. ( Last date of application is over )

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Recruitment for the post of Assistant Professor at CIMDR, Sangli New !

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