International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is enthusiastically celebrated every year on June 21st at the Deccan Education Society's schools and colleges.Every year on June 21st, students and teachers at Deccan Education Society's schools and colleges come together to celebrate International Yoga Day. It's a day dedicated to practicing yoga for our well-being both physically and mentally. The event creates a peaceful atmosphere, reminding everyone of the importance of health and balance in our lives.

Medical Aid for Varkaris

During the Palakhi procession, DES’S Smt. Subhadra K. Jindal College of Nursing students extended crucial medical aid to the Varkari community, embodying a commitment to healthcare accessibility and cultural sensitivity. Setting up temporary clinics along the pilgrimage route, students offered basic medical services, screenings, and health consultations, addressing immediate health concerns of pilgrims. Through their proactive involvement and compassionate care, nursing students not only enhanced healthcare access but also fostered trust and solidarity within the Varkari community, exemplifying the transformative potential of collaborative healthcare initiatives.

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