• Our scholastic approach to widen the student’s outlook & cultivate their minds and strengthen their character.


  • Achievements of the pupils the success of our school.

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The School follows the syllabus prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary  and Higher Secondary Education.

The School provides education from class V to class XII

One academic year consists of two terms.      

  • First term: June to October

  • Second term: October to March

School Timing

  • 6.30 to 03.00 for non-teaching staff Class – IV

  • 7.15 to 01.00 for Teaching Staff

  • 7.15 to 01.40 for Class III (Office /lab)


  • Annual gathering

  • Sports competition

  • Cultural activities

Our school stands on the edifice of the management Deccan Education Society – Pune, Run by R.C.F. Company-Thal, my staff members, parents and students. A.P.J. Kalam Says, “Low aim is a crime.” Our school do believe I this saying. Our efficient staff are the gardeners nurturing these tiny saplings into full grown up trees. They are not only imparting education but imbibing moral values in them.

Our school gives a platform to our students to explore their talents in them .We arrange various curricular, co-curricular activities in our school. Our school mission is “Achievement of the pupils – The success of our school”.

Our success story is incomplete without the support of R.C.F. Company-Thal and our management Deccan Education Society–Pune. Our RCF company has availed such a huge infrastructure in this beautiful vicinity providing all the amenities for our school. The regular maintenance of our school is appreciable. Our R.C.F. Company also arranges various competitions for our students and involves them in their various projects.

Their concern, their ever helping attitude did give this school to rise each day and each year to bring glory and laurels to our school.

The next is our Deccan Education Society–Pune plays a role to give significant guidance to our school teachers. They had arranged special training to all teaching and Non-teaching staff in the beginning of the year 2017. We have a special co-ordination with Deccan Education Society members. They do inter act my staff with DES School.

Then all our parents. Our parents-teachers association is very active to co-operate as. They are very vigilant in every activity. Every year our school arranges competitions for our parents and they actively participate. They do give suggestions to us to take good decisions for our schools achievements. The last but not the least are our students, whose achievements are applaudable. They have glorified our school by making their bright carrier.

Being the Head Mistress of this school, I express my sincere gratitude to each and everyone, who have contributed in our success story. In future we will continue this legacy to achieve more and more after all “Sky is the limit.”

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